Visit to Red Hat Summit 2013

Just returned from an inspiring Red Hat Summit 2013 which was combined with CamelOne 2013 and JUDCon 2013. I have tried as hard as possible to attend as much as I could. A hard thing to do as CamelOne and JUDCon are on the same days.

JBoss 7 version 7.2.0.Final

Just found the time to take the source of WildFly and compile myself a version of JBoss 7 as version 7.2.0.Final.  I have put it on this box so you can grab it. But no warrenty what so ever. It is just a compile with openjdk 1.7 on this box. It is only there to fulfill my wish to have a version.

So just “AS IS” not warrenty and / or support. Grab it