camel cxf https server endpoint

I wanted to configure in camel a cxf https endpoint. Normally I do it the forceful way to update the jdk certificates but it can be done in another way.
Define the jax-ws contract first endpoint, although that can be done also in a code first manner.

This is the defined endpoint, it is directly taken from a camel sample named ‘camel-cxf-contract-first-blueprint’.

<blueprint xmlns=""
	xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:cxf=""
	xmlns:camel="" xmlns:sec=""
	<cxf:cxfEndpoint id="reportEndpoint"
			<entry key="loggingFeatureEnabled" value="true"/>
	<httpj:engine-factory bus="cxf">
		<httpj:engine port="9080">
				<sec:keyManagers keyPassword="changeit">
					<sec:keyStore type="JKS" password="changeit" resource="certs/keystore.jks" />
	<camelContext xmlns="">
        <from uri="cxf:bean:reportEndpoint"/>
        <convertBodyTo type="org.apache.camel.example.reportincident.InputReportIncident"/>
        <log message="Received report incident ${body.incidentId}"/>
        <setHeader headerName="Exchange.FILE_NAME">
        <to uri="file:work/incident"/>
        <log message="Stored a copy of the incident as ${header.CamelFileNameProduced}"/>
                <to uri="seda:emailMe"/>
                <to uri="seda:callMe"/>
        <to uri="language:constant:classpath:ok.xml"/>
        <convertBodyTo type="org.apache.camel.example.reportincident.OutputReportIncident"/>
        <from uri="seda:callMe"/>
        <log message="We are going to call ${}"/>
        <from uri="seda:emailMe"/>
        <log message="We are going to email ${}"/>

Update the xml code snippet to make it readable again. (2015/01/25)

Visit to Red Hat Summit 2013

Just returned from an inspiring Red Hat Summit 2013 which was combined with CamelOne 2013 and JUDCon 2013. I have tried as hard as possible to attend as much as I could. A hard thing to do as CamelOne and JUDCon are on the same days.